Soothing Baby Salve – Organic Babies Review

Looking after my kids skin, has always been, and still is a really important part of teaching our children to look after themselves and their bodies. Their is nothing feminine or girly about taking care of your body, So I feel teaching the boys while they are younger will ensure as they grow older it’ll be “normal” to them.


Part of that is moisturizing their skin, when Tyler was younger he had some outbreaks of mild eczema under his arms and the backs of his legs. William hasn’t been bad at all, barring some dry skin from time to time. After Tyler’s breakout’s I really started looking at what I was using on the boys skin. I saw Organic Babies by the green people offering samples for their Soothing Baby Salve Lavender, which is Eczema friendly, the sample was fairly small, however I used on Tristan, so being as he is the smallest child it went a rather long way!! (I think that calls for a laugh out loud moment) 

You don’t need much of this at all when using the product. Its quite oily when warmed with your hands, applies really easily. Leaving skin soft. Its absorbed fairly quickly too.

I’d definitely consider purchasing a full size tube. The product costs £10.50 from Green people.

Lady Sara xo


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