Into The Woods – Orangic Swaddle

Today is a mini review, and more than anything I want to spread the word about this wonderful company that spread its wings back in November 2016 called Little Blue Nest.

They sell beautiful, unique organic swaddle clothes. With gorgeous prints. When I was looking for a baby blanket/swaddle cloth for Tristan I wanted something different, something that would go with the theme we have for his nursery, we have a stag ornament along with a squirrel  and he will eventually have a wooden plaque above his cot, so I wanted something woodland themed.


The company is owned by Ila, who set up the company for the exact reason I just mentioned above. The lack of unique and individual baby items for sale. Everything looking the same, the same general colours and patterns.


Each of her swaddle blankets are printed with hand drawn illustrations. The woodland print that I purchased for our little boy reminds me of an old cartoon/animation I watched when I was very young called The Animals of Farthing Wood..

(Who else know’s what I’m talking about?!)


The print I chose is called “Into The Woods” which retails at £17.95. They have a few other prints which are also just as gorgeous. They have 4 prints in total at the moment. You can also buy a set for £31.95.


The swaddle cloth comes with instructions on the back of the packaging and also inside the pack is a small leaflet with the instructions on how to swaddle your baby. Which I think is a great idea for new parents, and experienced ones!


Have I mentioned how incredibly soft their swaddle clothes are?! I’m close too getting myself another one, just for me! I’m talking super soft…. Babies bottom kind of soft!


Please check out the Little Blue Nest’s website

Lady Sara xo


The above product has been purchased by myself, all opinions are my own. I have not been asked to share this post.

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