1 Month Postpartum & Tristan’s 1 Month update.

Gosh, where has the last month gone. It feels like its gone fairly quickly, I can already see how much Tristan has grown in a month. Of course I can also see how much my body has changed too.

1 week
1 week

Tristan is doing fantastic, he’s now no longer in newborn baby grows, and is also very nearly grown out of up to 1 month! 0 – 3 here we come. He started smiling around 4 weeks properly, by properly I mean definitely not wind and smiles in response to something or someone. His head control is already pretty good too and he’s just start at 5 weeks to make shapes with his mouth to make sounds and noises. – The most adorable thing ever! It’s just wonderful watching him learn and try to do new things.

3 weeks old
2 weeks

Babies and children really are just wonderful and fantastic creatures! Even if we are as a species fairly useless when born, and are for many years of our lives!!

4 weeks old
4 weeks

I guess some of you are wondering how feeding is going? Well what do they say, third times a charm? we are still breastfeeding. Its going so well, I wont lie it hasn’t been problem free, however we battled through and now I can honestly say I don’t know when I plan to stop. My biggest battle is the excessively large breasts I now have that are in fact too big for half the contents of my wardrobe. However we’ll do a breastfeeding focused blog soon for you all. I’ll just say it’s not as hard as I imagined it would be, of course it has it’s challenges, for example, feeding is on demand and normally doesn’t fit in with what I’m trying to get done. But we are learning and working around Tristan’s schedule and feeds. A wonderful things is that Tristan seems to have very little at all. By now William was on infacol and spent most evenings and nights screaming the house down!!

5 weeks nice edit
5 weeks

I had Tristan weighed at 7 weeks and 3 days old today, he’s now 10lb 3oz, he’s grown so much!!

How am I doing postpartum? My stomach is still like jelly and squishy, however it is probably now any weight I’ve gained during the pregnancy, however I’m not too worried by it, my body is still recovering, I’ve seen my GP for my 6 week postnatal check and been cleared for exercise, so I’m going to start off nice and slowly and try start a few light exercises, although any diet I will not be doing, except of course trying to eat less sweets, chocolates etc. Any kind of diet while breastfeeding without the correct guidance would be rather silly really, as I need to be sure to keep up my breast milk supply for Tristan. — I can say now that I’m struggling with the sweet cravings after indulging those cravings during pregnancy. ooops! My focus is feeding Tristan and to feed him I need to make sure I’m eating and drinking plenty. I’m obviously, like any new mum looking forward to wearing my old clothes, however I’m also in no rush. My biggest battle (literally) is fitting clothes for my bust size at the moment.

I feel fantastic over all. At 7 weeks writing this blog, I’ve finally stopped my postnatal bleed. Breastfeeding definitely lightened any bleed I’ve had. After pains from birth were pretty horrific, and continued for the first 2 weeks possibly a little longer. My hips are no longer causing any problems. I’ll be writing a post for you on my breastfeeding journey so far so you all soon, hence why I haven’t really gone into any details. So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Hope your having a great day, Happy May everyone.


Sara xo


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