Labour and Delivery Story

If you haven’t guessed or seen on my social media pages, then you may have missed the news that we have had our gorgeous little boy, and he couldn’t be more perfect. Today I want to share with you our rather quick and fast labour story, so fast that we didn’t even get many photos during the labour or after really.


It all started technically when I was 40 weeks and 2 days over due, with the lovely surprise of my water’s going when I’d just dropped off to sleep on Friday the 10th of March. I had got myself some of those lovely “puppy pads” for when your waters go… of course I’d taken it off the bed about a week before because I kept getting too hot at night – I kept telling Richard that my waters would go in the bed because I’d taken it off!!

So where was I, oh yes, lying in bed at just before 11, and I felt a trickling instantly waking up thinking I was bursting for a pee!! — as you do worst nightmare when pregnant wetting ones self, with a watermelon sized mass resting on your bladder that feels like the size of a pea. Then it hit me my waters were breaking. Without alarming my partner, I calmly asked him to run to my side of the bed and grab the towel, I happened to have on the floor and the puppy pad as I was sure my waters were going, I knew the second I got up they would probably burst properly. I grabbed the pad from Richard, and waddled my way to the bathroom with the trickling continuing. As I got to the bathroom, a lovely pop and gush the waters just kept coming and I was stood in a puddle!! Good news the waters were nice and clear, all that was left to do was for the contractions to start. I obviously called the hospital for them to inform that my waters had broken at 11pm giving them time to inform the on call midwife.

I’ll note that, my waters have always gone naturally, however with Tyler it was about an hour before pushing contractions had already started and i’d had the show. With William very similar this time literally before pushing!! So you’ll understand my surprise when it kind of happened out of know where and without any other signs!!

Bang on 3am Saturday the 11th of March and now officially 40 weeks and 3 days, I woke up to some pretty strong contractions, I instantly started timing them, which turned out they were already coming every 2 minutes, getting closer, stronger and more intense with every one that came. 20 minutes past 3 I again called the call centre, telling them the contractions were shockingly regular and strong. To be told that I needed to wait at home for another hour and see how they go. I don’t really think they bothered to listen to the fact I was on baby number 3!! I held out till 4am when I then told Richard we needed to be getting to the hospital. They then told us they would get the midwife to call us back to arrange to meet at the hospital. She called, and off we went to the midwife led unit to get assessed and see how far along we were.

4.30am we beat the midwife to the hospital, and she slowly walked up the corridor with me, on all fours on a chair grunting and panting through the contractions. To hear her mutter the words, “oh dear someones not coping well” all I heard from Richard in a sharp tone, “no, the baby is coming!!” Turned out the call centre hadn’t told her we’d called numerous times to say contractions were progressing, she just assumed we were coming in to see how far we were and probably end up going home for a few more hours!!

She soon realized how quick things were going and started working “backwards” rather than BP checks etc, she had to straight away check how dilated I was. Turned out I was 8cm!! I couldn’t be more proud of myself making it to 8cm at home. The urge to push soon followed by just after 5.15am I was ready to push. Although through all the hurrying, the second midwife didn’t have time to arrive, Richard had to basically set up the birthing pool in between assisting me through the contractions. Just as I started to need to push, Richard let me know that if I wanted to get into the pool, I needed to do it now or not at all. A now or never situation.

Richard helped me up, and I got told — as in basically told off, to take some gas and air to stop me pushing and to help me breath through the contraction or our gorgeous little boy would have ended up being born with me standing potentially not being caught by anyone! So I puffed away, then managed to climb into the pool. Within seconds we had a head, and then second push and he was born! He was not hanging around at all!



Our little boy was born in 6 minutes, at 5.23am weighing just 7lb 4oz. Our smallest baby! He had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, ten tiny toes and ten perfect little fingers. Both of us quite shocked at his hair and eye colour! However we are aware both could change, his eyes already have gone quite dark, although they have some hints of blue still so we shall wait and see.


We are pleased to introduce to you Tristan Tomos.



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