40 Week Pregnancy update ¦Third Trimester¦

We’re here, 40 weeks pregnant. Forty hard, long weeks of growing a little person. Some of those thirty nine weeks have been challenging at time. I’ve suffered with my hips which is not something I’ve had problems with in previous pregnancies. Even with that, I wouldn’t change a thing, I feel so incredibly lucky, that my body allows me to grow little people. Their are some people who do not get to do that. So I am eternally grateful for such an amazing experience, each of course different.


So many of us take things for granted in life, and the biggest thing is life it’s self. It is a miracle given to all of us. Passed down from others, our older generations, those before them. We should all be thankful more, for life, for the gift of life. Each little miracle that we create. As that is what every child is. Some more than others, come when storms pass. When a rainbow shines light at the end of the tunnel. This little man for me, is exactly that a rainbow baby.

I can’t help but want this precious little man here, in our arms already. Tyler regularly asks  when the baby is going to be here, it’s probably the most adorable thing the way he talks about the baby, another baby brother, a little brother. Someone else to cuddle and be a role model for.

Well, moving on to the update. Didn’t quite plan for this update to be so heart felt, and soppy however I started writting and sometimes you just got to let the words flow and share the thoughts that are sat going around in my head! If you’ve followed this pregnancy with me from the start you’ll understand. If not then here is the first pregnancy post I did.


Signs of labour.

So we had a lovely false alarm at 37 weeks and a few days, which lasted 3 days on and off!! After finally giving in and calling my midwife for advice, and too see if they would want to see me everything promptly stopped as ever. Fortunately I had decided to not go and see the midwife as I know from last two pregnancies that everything is normally fairly regular before I feel I need to be seen, but with never having irregular “contractions” before calling for advice on day 3 seemed like the best thing to do. Turns out that it was probably early labour, however baby has turned back to back so it has probably dealed/stalled any progress. So I’m now doing everything in my power to turn him. Which I think has been somewhat successful, I hope. Lots of braxton hicks still though, some seem stronger than others so we can only keep our fingers crossed that he doesn’t keep us waiting too long.

We ended up going into hospital for some monitoring at 39 weeks and 5 days. As I had noticed decreased fetal movements, a change in his usual pattern so it was best to get checked out. Found out once again that I was having contractions, this time very regular. However baby just keeps on moving to the back to back position, which the midwives think could be what’s delaying the process. However my midwife is hopeful that we should have baby soon as bump has dropped and she is very pleased with all the signs we are getting.


Leg cramps/restless legs have come back, which is horrifically annoying, as you can feel them starting and you just can’t do anything about it at all to prevent it. Heartburn has been horrible, I feel like I live off Rennies at the moment!! I had the same with William too towards the end of the pregnancy.

Insomnia has been another problem I have hit, which I think is fairly normal in later pregnancy, hormones, leg cramps/restless legs, feeling like you have loads to do! It helps to not look at your phone/clock when ever you do wake up other wise, you start clock watching, which makes it worse.

I’ve also had to start some iron tablets, to boost my iron before the birth as my iron is a tad on the low side, not too bad but they want me to get a good boost before the birth. Due to obvious post birth bleeding etc. Which I can happily say have already boosted my energy levels. I’m actually pleased I’ve made it virtually to the end of this pregnancy without them, with both Tyler and William I was on iron tablets by mid pregnancy.

Their isn’t really much more at this point to update you on other than hoping this is the final update! I have another midwife appointment at 41 weeks, where I will be offered a sweep and booked for induction, which I’m hoping I don’t get too, and have questions about if we do go that far as I’ve never had one before! I don’t really like my body forcing it’s self to labour. Anybody have anything they can share on being induced?

Until the next update lovelies… which will hopefully be an introduction of our latest family member!


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