Moses Basket; Mothercare First Impressions

This was a gift from my family, but I wanted to share some photos and my thoughts on the basket, as it’s so beautiful! May help anyone else shopping around for a basket get a better idea of the product.


Its a very simple basket, just classic and chic in my opinion being lovely shades of grey and white. With some simple details inside the basket along with the gorgeous sides, that really give it that pop of fun. The basket comes with the mattress, fitted sheets and a coverlet/small blanket.


The basket it’s self is wicker in colour white, with a woven fabric that goes all around the basket. The basket online comes in three colour choices, grey, pink and blue. All in an ombre style.img_9024edit

The straps are nearly my favourite part, they are a suede leather look handles. Which just add a beautiful finish to the overall look of the basket. img_9018edit  The only thing not included with the basket is a stand which you can purchase on it’s own, I still had a stand which I just re-vamped using the same colour paint used on the cot.


The little white coverlet, has got a star pattern stitched into it. Simple but nice. The inside of the basket also has clouds, stars and a moon embroidered on it, which is just gorgeous, a lovely classic design. img_9021edit

The moses basket can be found on the Mothercare website. It costs £90.00. It’s a really sturdy basket too, I wont be worrying about baby getting too big or being too “strong” for this one!! William and Tyler had a softer sided wicker basket, which when they started wriggling and pushing themselves up the basket with their legs had me worried! I think I shall rest a little easier knowing the sides are so solid!

Lady Sara xo


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