Whats in my Hospital Bag ¦Mommy Monday¦

I’ve had this bag packed for weeks, probably since around week 33/34. I like to be prepared, I like to know where everything is, and that everything is where it needs to be. I’m a planner … an organizer of things that don’t need organizing, considering going into to labour is one of the most unplanned things that can happen (unless you have dates for induction or C-section) and I can’t exactly have everything organised for labour either. However, what I do have control over is mine and babies bag, and of course the amount of times I can repack it to pass some time!


I’ve tried to pack the minimum i will need, as I am birthing in a Midwife Led Unit. However that doesn’t mean you should pack more, just in case of emergencies which can be well and truly out of your control, when it comes to whats best to keep both you and baby safe. Your last worry will want to be the fact you hardly packed anything and then worrying about your partner needing to sort more things out.


Whats inside my bag?

  • Towel
  • Flannel x2
  • Sanitary pads – I brought mine from Tesco Maternity.
  • Night dress – Loose fitting and easy access for breastfeeding.
  • Baby wipes/Cotton pads
  • Clean knickers – a few pairs I opt for black… and ladies I’m not talking black and lacy I’m talking good old shorts or big knickers, your not going to want anything small and tight fitting.
  • Hot water bottle – ask your hospital if you can bring one.
  • Phone charger
  • bikini top – I’m going for a water birth, so this isn’t an essential if you know you wont be birthing in water.
  • Wash bag
  • Going home clothes
  • Camera
  • Slippers/fluffy socks optional extra
  • Breast pads
  • Formula – If you plan to formula feed you may have to bring your own, many hospitals no longer provide it.


What I’ve packed for baby?

  • Nappies
  • Hats x2
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby grows x3
  • Baby vests x3
  • Baby socks x2 pairs
  • Babies cardigan/jumper – dependant on time of year and weather
  • Car seat – in car already obviously but something that I’ve heard can be easily forgotten!! You want to make sure you’ve tried installing it into your car, so you know how to put it in. The last thing you want is to be trying a car seat for the first time when your leaving the hospital!



Your probably wondering why you need so many baby clothes etc, But it’s easy to have accidents with nappies! It also depends how long your stay will be in hospital, it can vary from 6 hours or less to over 3 days. It all depends on delivery, and where you stay. Having a few of each means your in no immediate hurry to need more things should your stay be longer than you had planned/hoped for. As I said before their are no sure plans in pregnancy or labor, you just have to go with the flow! 


Inside my wash bag.

After you tend to get offered to take a nice hot shower or bath, I find it really helps feel fresher and helps with some of those aches after. Take up the offer, as when you home with baby you find time limited. I haven’t bothered with buying mini sizes, I’ve just taken things out the shower that are virtually empty that I can bin at the hospital.

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Face wash
  • Body scrub – after being in a birthing pool I felt nothing was nicer than a really really good scrub to make myself feel fresher.
  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm – lips can get chapped and dry during labor.
  • Mascara & other makeup is optional and totally down to you as a person, you may not want to bother or you’ll want to make yourself feel a little more like yourself. I’m taking a mascara just in case I feel I want to perk myself up a little.


You may need to take more or you may feel you don’t need half of what I have packed, this is just my preference and what I’ve packed in the past.

I might yet add another towel, I tend to have heavy post birth bleeding (normal for me to a degree) Sorry if that’s TMI for you! So having a couple of towels can be handy. Wipes can also be a lot more gentle down there when you go for your first wee than toilet paper so I tend to have those to hand. As well as a flannel, again same purpose, you’ll want a good clean after so keep one for your private areas to dab etc, it’ll always help keeping your towel a little more mess free!

Hope this helps while you prepare to pack your bag. Good luck, and don’t worry you’ll probably pack it and re pack it a dozen times.

Love Sara xo



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