Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream Review

As I’m sure your noticing, Collection is one of my favourite highstreet/drugstore brands. They do amazing products at bargain prices! What’s not to love?


I recently picked up one of the velvet kiss lip creams, I’m in love! New favourite lip product **alert**. I only picked up one of the lip creams, to try them out as they are a matte finish, and I don’t usually get along with things that have a matte finish! But I’m pleased I picked one up they are truly fantastic! In total their are 6 shades, so not lots of choice, but the choices they have range from nude to deep plum. Even though they only have a small selection of shades, from what I’ve seen their are only two I wouldn’t wear. So I’d say their is a shade to meet everyone’s needs.

It comes in the standard doe footed applicator which makes applying the product quick and easy.


I picked up the shade  Caramel, and it really is the perfect nude. I’m in love with it, it compliments my pale complexion, brown eyes and auburn hair beautifully.


I was pretty pleased with the staying power of these, I didn’t need to touch up too much throughout the day, and I didn’t notice them caking up either which is always a bonus. No body likes the look of layered lip products!

Did I happen to mention they also smell divine! Like salted caramel….yum.

Did I mention that I don’t find these drying at all, considering they are a matte finish, I actually found they had a really moisturizing finish and felt really hydrating on my lips.


They are a product certainly worth taking a look at next time you visit a Boots or Superdrug. At £2.99 each they really are great value, for an amazing product. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these, what shades do you think I should go for next?

Lady Sara xo



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