36 Week Pregnancy Update ¦Third Trimester¦

My last update was at 32 weeks, however I haven’t had a huge amount to update you on since then. Now having had a midwife appointment and my consultant appointment, I’ve got a few things to chat about, other than the usual pregnancy updates.

34 week bump picture.

I feel hitting 36 nearly 37 weeks has come so quickly now it’s here, and I wonder where this pregnancy has gone! In a mere 4 weeks we should have our little boy in our arms.

I will get the more “boring” things out the way first, my hips haven’t been still, I had hoped to hear that he had engaged when we saw the midwife as the pain in my hips and groin has been awful, I was in fact correct. At least the extra discomfort has been for good cause. One good thing is my heartburn has gone, thank goodness! I’ve been getting a little swelling in my ankles and fingers, so the engagement ring has to stay in its box for a little again, as I’d much rather not have it stuck on my finger.


Pregnancy weight gain.

When I last saw the midwife she was very happy with everything, and she was happy with baby, he’s measuring what they call average (on my growth chart). Although again one thing I didn’t like is the fact she asked to take my weight. This isn’t anything to do with being personal, but I feel it puts unnecessary pressure and worry onto women about how much they are or aren’t gaining. She explained they are having to start taking weight towards the end of pregnancies, and I assume its to do with getting general data to collect research to find a “healthy” amount of weight to gain. Obviously making sure someone is staying healthy during their pregnancy is incredibly important, too much weight gain can be unhealthy for you both, as could be too little. Every human body is different. Some women can retain a lot of water during pregnancy, others stay stick thin. So remember not to judge others, based on appearance rather than actually knowing what’s going on. I’m pleased to say my weight gain is a healthy “normal” amount for me to have gained. I’ll be in no hurry to loose the extra weight either. More than half that weight at the moment accounts for the baby still in my womb, the placenta, amniotic fluid, my added cup sizes in the bust department the rest is what it is, and I’ll worry about that when I’m good and ready, not when society tells me I should be back in my pre-pregnancy clothing.

This is a photo of this bump and William’s bump (bump number 2) Top photo is now and the bottom picture is the William bump. Both taken at exactly 35 weeks and 1 day. I feel you can see how much lower this bump is sitting!

Birth Plan.

I’ve now had a good long talk with my midwife over my birth plan, and what I’d like to happen. Seen as I’ve also now seen the consultant, he has cleared me for what I want. Which is a birth in a midwife led unit, with just a midwife and a water birth. Which is great news, it’s the news we’ve been waiting to hear. We had both Tyler and William in Midwife led units, so this is exactly what i’d like again. I had thought about a home birth, but I loved my pool birth with William, so wanted it again. Yes I could have hired a birthing pool, but I don’t have a reliable water source at home. We have the wonderful old water tank, that once the hot water is gone it has to be put back onto a boost. So it’s not ideal really. So lets hope this all goes to plan now.


I think that’s all I have to to share with you all, babies movements are good. Just a few little last bits I want to get and we have got all we need for our new arrival. I’ve packed my hospital bag, which hopefully I’ll have a post for you soon — preferably before he’s here!

I have another midwife appointment tomorrow for my 37 week check so i’ll probably give you another short update on how that goes.

Hope your all having a fantastic day, comment below your pregnancy news below.


Lady Sara xo



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