Collection #BlushandGlow quad. Review

Collection is turning into one of my favourite drugstore/high street brands these days, I’ve got a few of their palettes. Their concealer has been a love of mine for many years now, and even their foundation and a couple of other products are beginning to quickly take place as must have items.


I think at times, they can be quite an over looked brand, due to their packaging and the fact they are pretty cheap, when noting their price tag I have to say a lot of the time they have some kind of promotion or deal on that makes their prices look even more appealing! The let down is the packing, this quad like most their palettes is just a black cardboard packing, never the less. What’s that saying again?!

Never judge a book by its cover?


Besides that small matter can be over looked when you see the size of each product inside the quad. What’s in the quad, you get 4 products, 2 blushes, a highlighter and a bronzer/contour shade.


The palette is a perfect travel companion. Ideal for creating a subtle everyday glow, or glam it up a little for an evening of fun. It means taking fewer products in a slimline palette.


I’m pretty happy with the pay off you get from theses, the contour is buildable, if you like a more “chizzled” look. I don’t mind it too muddy/orange for my skin tone either considering I’m one of the small percentage of people in the world that a very fair skinned, I can thank my scottish family roots from long ago, and my mother’s red hair. Who doesn’t prefer an english rose anyway?! Before I forget, the contour/bronzer is matte. Which is another bonus in my books.

I love the warmth the contour adds to my skin, the highlight doesn’t show up too well in the picture sadly, probably down to my lighting problems (sorry ladies!) But I can honestly say it gives a beautiful shimmer to the skin. It probably isn’t quite as “wow” for some people that prefer a noticeable bit of shimmer, but if your after a nice subtle glow to your face it’s perfect.

The two blushes, are beautiful, one is a perfect everyday rosie cheeks matte, the other is that glam pink with shimmer for your more done up day or date night look.  They have a great amount of colour payoff too, which meant they lasted all day, which is a huge plus in my book when I’m normally running around after a 2 year old all day.

Overall this is definitely something to get in your makeup bag, and at just £4.99 from Boots, where can you go wrong? I completely think this palette is worth every penny. I can’t wait to try more of their products.

Lady Sara xo


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