My Pregnancy symptoms. Every time, 4 Pregnancies, 3 babies later.

I have decided to share my pregnancy symptoms, I think it’s important to share our stories. They are all individual and different, and if you’ve had more than one baby you will know that, that counts for your pregnancy (and baby) too — no two experiences are the same!

Its never the same, one pregnancy from another is different. Just as each baby is different from the other.

I also think it’s too easy for people to forget that one women’s pregnancy may not be her first. It’s a fact that in reality, we don’t get to “forget” or put to the back of our minds, because people can say silly things at times, or they can be presumptuous. Besides in “real life” the failed pregnancies are marked when you have your very first midwifes appointment in your “medical history”.

For me and my story of the symptoms I have experienced during each pregnancy, that includes 4 pregnancies in total, 1 very early miscarriage, 2 successful and my current third pregnancy which actually started as a twin pregnancy, but has continued as an individual little bean.

So lets start from the very beginning.


Pregnancy #1. 

My first pregnancy was December 2010/January 2011. I didn’t really have any idea what to look for symptom wise. So I just waited for my period to be late, I had already known that tender breast’s were a sign of early pregnancy, and at the time I think I suffered slightly with that but not enough to make me think Oh gosh.. I’m pregnant!!  I had lots of energy too. Until I took a test after my period was I think if memory serves me well I was 4 days late. We took a test and within minutes a big fat positive popped up on the little stick, I had pee’d on moments ago! Sadly this would be short lived. We told our families before we had even called the GP to confirm it all through another test, what the doctor did then confirm for us was that I had also lost that baby. Miscarried 3rd January 2011.

That’s a story for another time, with more detail. Which I’m sure I will share, for the pure fact it may help someone. It can also help others understand that not every miscarriage is the same. I’ll also hopefully write for you all a post on trying again after miscarriage as I feel like it’s quite a taboo subject at times.

Pregnancy #2.

Our second positive pregnancy came in March 2011. We didn’t quite expect to catch as quickly as we did after the miscarriage, due to (Warning TMI coming up for some of you) the fact I had quite a bleed after the miscarriage and then also in February the following month, which made pin pointing my dates a little difficult to begin with.

My symptoms this time were a little different, I was working a lot so any tiredness I had put down to that, however I know I can remember napping a lot after work, and falling asleep all the time when given the chance! My breasts certainly got very tender. I also noticed my skin went amazing!!! I do not joke, I had the clearest skin I’d had in quite some time! Theirs got to be some perks to early pregnancy right? This pregnancy would lead to our son, Tyler Owain now 5 years old. Born 25th November 2011. 47 minutes before his due date. Born at 39 weeks and 6 days. Weighing 7lb 7.5oz

Tyler’s scan photo at the top was his first scan, the dating scan at 12 weeks, I think in this photo Tyler was just under 12 weeks. Then of course a baby Tyler, at home. And now my big 5 year old boy, forever changing but always my little Tyler.

Pregnancy #3.

This positive came in 2014, I can’t quite remember the month we got the positive, I think it was December 2013. This pregnancy had it’s difficulties, I actually took a test this time a couple of days before my period was due. Technology these days – for better or worse I’m yet to decide if finding out your expecting before you period is actually a good thing or not.

Symptoms this time, awful skin – horrible break outs, some mild morning sickness, Nothing horrific just mild nausea. Set off mainly by certain smells, or foods, I was never actually sick. Tender breasts and I suffered mild bloating. A couple of weeks after we had our positive tests I started spotting. We got sent to an Early Pregnancy Unit for early scanning to check the viability of the pregnancy and to check for other complications. Turned out I was too early to see a healthy “fetus” or heartbeat so we had too wait a painful two weeks (I think) before getting the joyful news that the baby was OK, and that the pregnancy was progressing healthily.

This brought us our second son, William Dafydd, now 2 years old. Born 17th October 2014. 6 days after his due date, on a Friday just like his big brother. In fact similar time to his brother just in the AM rather than the PM. Bringing him into this world at 40 weeks and 6 days. Weighing 8lb 3.5oz.

Hopefully your seeing the pattern here that no two pregnancies are the same at all… My final and current pregnancy can confirm that all the more. Although I have to bare in mind that this pregnancy started as a twin pregnancy so my symptoms may have been worse due to this fact, or it was just the way my body reacted to being pregnant again. We will never really know.

The above photos show our Early scan with William, (second time around, as explained before initial scanning didn’t show a lot) this was around 6/7 weeks pregnant. Second scan is William at his 12 week scan. Of course the last photo is our little William moments old.

Pregnancy #4. Current Pregnancy – Check out my regular updates. 

Here we are the last of my 4 pregnancies, and probably my most challenging, hard, and worst pregnancy symptoms of them all!!! (In my opinion and probably my partners, I’m sure many people have suffered worse symptoms but from my previous pregnancies to this one, it was not easy at all to begin with) 

Our Positive came the end of June start of July 2016, although we didn’t know when to take a test this time, or when I was due on my period because I had an oddly late period at the beginning of June which then led to be probably my lightest period to date lasting a mere 3 days with hardly any bleeding (Sorry if’s that’s TMI) so it made charting out my next period rather difficult! So that’s the start of our difficult times!


My symptoms this time were much different. I of course had the usual, tiredness — severe tiredness. tender breasts, serious break outs, and really really dry skin, more so than usual even though I suffer dry skin anyway. pretty bad bloating which before 8 weeks had me using hair bobbles to keep my jeans fastened, and it also meant wearing baggy/floaty tops around family members;

family members which i’ll add, are not dull people, and are always eyeing up mine and my SIL’s (sister in law’s)  womb area’s for one of us to utter the words “I’m pregnant…again!

Having a twin sister myself also means she’s often brooding for me to kick out the next baby she can spoil rotten.

The worst thing I suffered was the sickness, not just a week worth but a good month possibly longer, I can’t remember fuller I have somehow  managed to block it out! Something that was very difficult to hide from people. Especially when you add in horrible bloating, and everything that you smell, or try to eat just makes you want to throw up. That and being in the car was the worst thing. I occasionally even now still get pretty bad motion sickness. However I’m lucky enough that most of the time I’m fine.

What’s worse than being sick, is not actually being sick at all?!.. the wrenching, over and over again when their is either nothing to bring up, or your body just want’s to wrench for the hell of it! I don’t know how many mornings/afternoons my poor partner spent stood by me trying to reassure me that it would stop, or the countless times he’s got so frustrated at why a women’s body would do this to it’s self. It is horrible, their are no other words for it! I’d had a day where, very luckily I had gone to my parents for the day while Richard was at work. My dad basically sent me to bed like I was 6 years old again. I had an awful headache, felt dizzy and again the sickness was unbearable. (At this point both our parents had been told the awful news we had had, and knew we were worried about the surviving baby. So he sent me off to bed, and watched both Tyler and William for me, and I did indeed fall asleep for a good couple of hours and woke up feeling 100 times better. With a cup of tea ready and waiting!

Gotta love your parents folks, because no matter how old you get, they will always put your needs before their own. 

Restless legs are another awful thing I got I think just after finding out we were expecting again, and again it really isn’t something fun to suffer with. It keeps you up all night. You literally feel like your legs just want to keep moving or stretching etc. I do at times wonder if the symptoms I had, especially the bloating and sickness are due to the fact it was a multiple pregnancy, or it could have just been coincidence. We will never know, I’m just grateful to be carrying another little bundle.

Right now we are nearly 36 weeks pregnant, which I feel blessed to be at, after everything this pregnancy has brought us. You can read how we are doing in my last pregnancy update.

This baby is due 8th March 2017, not long now at all. and hopefully I can amend this post to share when he was born and how many weeks we were.

Update 4/4/2017: Our Third little boy, made his appearance on Saturday the 11th of March 2017 40 weeks and 3 days. At 5.23am, weighing 7lb 4oz. Our smallest baby yet. We have called him Tristan Tomos. 

Scan pictures above show our early pregnancy scan, where it was confirmed a twin pregnancy, and then confirmed one twin had been miscarried at  nearly 8 weeks, 17th July 2016. The second scan is another early scan, showing progress of the surviving baby.

Share your stories below in the comments and let me know your pregnancy symptoms.

Lady Sara xo


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