Palette Wood Wall Art. Nursery Reveal


We started by using frog tape to mark out our chevron, and tried to make them as random in size as possible.


I found inspiration online, from pinterest and google.


The finished product that we made.

Its pretty self explanatory really, all the paint used was paint we used on the walls in the bedroom, go to the nursery reveal blog for information on the paints etc. The only different paint is that I used a white gloss for the white chevron stripes, It was easier than using white paint. Needed a lot less coats of paint!!

Keep an eye open for another post coming soon on the before and after shots of the furniture in the babies room that we re vamped by painting it.

Is it really bad that I now want to redecorate the boys room too…. They’ll have to wait though, as the next room in this house to be decorated is our bedroom!!

Lady Sara xo


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