Fleur De Force – Lipgloss Review

Today we are looking at one of my favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers lipgloss collection. I haven’t got all the colours, however I brought myself three of the shades I liked the most.

Fleur describes this product “As something between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss” .

edit three.jpg

Initial impressions (I did a video over on youtube a year ago go check it out) are that I really like the packaging, It’s not too basic, nothing overly fancy, although I love the little stars all over it (I too have a slight obsession with stars) and the chrome lids are great, although I half thought Fleur would have chosen Rose gold, seen as she loves the effect so much.

Moving onto my thoughts on the actual product. You get a 9.5ml bottle for £6.99 which isn’t too expensive at all and I’d definitely rate it in the budget beauty range. I use them on and off quite frequently and since doing my video I do find they are a tiny bit sticky which is a bit a pain when it comes to my hair getting caught on a windy day as I have found that the red 040 lucky star shade can be easily transferred/smudged.

You can see swatches on my lips of the three shades that I purchased.

020 Written in the stars

Written in the stars, is the perfect your lips but better shade. It’s my go to nude lip product. paired with a nude lip pencil and your good to go.

050 Starry starry night

Starry starry night is a gorgeous pinky/berry tone, it’s not too dark as shown in the picture above, but applies easily. The product is very pigmented, so you really don’t need much of this product at all. It’s certainly a perfect shade for autumn.

040 Lucky star

This is my Christmas go to. It’s not a deep red, it has more of an orange undertone. So it’s not too in your face! I do find if I get caught in a bit of wind my hair clings to it and drags this colour more than the others across my face slightly. However this is a problem with many lipglosses!


The products themselves are as fleur describes them, a lip stain and a gloss. I find the deeper colours do quite literally “stain” the lips, making them last a little longer, however you will want to touch up throughout the day, especially the red. Nobody likes tired looking lips. My favourite thing about the products is the vanilla scent they all seem to have it is amazing to say the least. I’ll also point out that I really like the doe footed applicator for these glosses, its makes applying them so easy.

You can find Fleurs products on the Feel unique website. Fleur has other products in her makeup collection inlcuding some eyeshadow quads, these lipglosses, a makeup bag and an eye lash range.

Have you tried these products let me know.

Lady Sara xo

All products have been purchased with my own money, I have no been paid or asked to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

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