Pregnancy Must-Haves.

Let’s talk about the things, I just cant live without right now. They are items that I have been pretty reliant on in all my pregnancies! Item’s that I can actually say you will probably want. Some things are common sense items and others are things that will be different to everyone’s needs.

First thing on my list…

Rennie Tablets.


Yes, I’m suffering heart burn again. I suffered it horribly with William too. I didn’t have any heart burn with Tyler. However it has returned with a vengeance again. I tend to like the orange flavored ones. If you don’t like Rennies, their are other remedies out on the market. I try to avoid certain foods like bread, as I’ve learnt that makes it worse – I coulnd’t tell you why. I also stick to plain drinks when it’s very bad.

Also be sure to ask your GP, midwife, chemist or health care professional if something is safe to take in pregnancy. 

Got Milk?!


I mean literally always have ample supplies of milk in your house, not only can it help with heart burn, but I also like to drink it before bed when my legs are feeling restless. I got told by my midwife that it can help. I can’t remember the reasons as to why, perhaps it’s to do with the calcium. Either way try it! Lot’s of things can be remedied by the simplest of things in your home.

Maternity bra’s.


Image found from google.


You can’t beat a good supportive bra during pregnancy, especially when your breasts are bound to change size, and not just once. You can expect this too happen throughout your pregnancy and after too, when your milk comes in. I’d suggest just buying a couple due the fact your sizing will change a couple of times. If you don’t have time to get one washed while you wear another then get yourself some sports bras for around the house. Or if your happy enough, let them sit freely!! (Bra-less). Not only do your boobs grow, but they get tender, sore and fairly uncomfortable at times. Maternity bras are a must ladies!

I always pull out the Maternity bra as soon as I can, although this time they don’t seem to have stopped growing.  I’m currently loving these bra’s from Marks and Spencer.

Bio Oil

Image found on google

This is something that has been in my life for every pregnancy and after, I’m not going to say it’s the miracle oil, out of all the oils that totally stops stretch marks. As ladies, we have to face, our bodies completely change in order to grow another little person. Yes we get some stretch marks, using oils, creams and other lotions & potions can help prevent and control stretch marks but it can’t stop them completely. Everyone will get a couple, even if just a couple. You can get them in any point in your life, puberty, pregnancy, growing and excessive weight gain.

In short, embrace those new stripes. 

I do really like how Bio oil can soothe any itching I’ve got from the skin on my stomach stretching. It’s a little sticky after applying so you do need to let it dry. But it does the trick for me, especially after having the baby in aiding keep your skin supply as it all sorts itself out!

Stay Hydrated.


This again sounds like a really silly thing to mention, but I can tell when I haven’t drank enough water in the day. I get tired, and end up with a headache. It may not be any good on your bladder, but drinking plenty of water is so important to keeping you healthy. It’s also great for your skin too! I try to keep a glass of water with me all day, every time I’ve finished one I refill it immediately. I try not to let my water sit for longer than 10 minutes either as I like to drink cold water, so it’s a great way to just drink something quickly and then top up your glass through out the day. It really isn’t that hard to drink 8 glasses a day if you don’t think about it too much.

Pregnancy Pillow.


I had an amazing V shaped pillow when I was pregnant with Tyler, and the same one for William’s pregnancy. However this time I have not brought myself one, I haven’t really felt the need. Due to the fact  that I use so many different pillows either in bed or on the sofa that I arrange to get my self comfortable, and given the fact I now have 7 weeks and counting till I pop I’m happy enough to just sleep with a mountain of pillows… my partner on the other probably can not wait for them to be gone!!

Maternity Leggings.


I feel like these are a mandatory must have item in every pregnant womens wardrobe, no matter how much you hate them and really really think they just aren’t something you should wear in public, but they are in fact one of the most comfortable things you will wear in pregnancy, you get to a point where even your maternity jeans just get too tight and uncomfortable.

Let me hear you say it ladies, maternity leggings are my best friend.

Lady Sara xo



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