32 Week update ¦ Pregnancy number 3¦

Hi all, I had planned on updating you at the start of the new year, however I thought it would be easier to wait until I had seen my midwife so I can fill you in on everything going on.

IMG_20170101_222249_551 (1).jpg

Since 27 weeks, not a massive amount has changed, barring the increasing hip pains I’ve been getting, which I believe is how low the baby is sitting! I also have a lot of pressure down in my groin area. making bending down fairly difficult these days, which I’m hoping the midwife will confirm to still be the babies head, which she in fact did, so lets hope he just stays head down.

Talking about my hips. When I last saw my midwife before this appointment she had said I was most likely suffering something called, PPGP or SPD. Both are pelvic pain related, here I’ve liked the NHS website. I am not a health professional, so you should not take the symptoms and problems I may be having as a sign to say you too are suffering these problems. I’d also like to say I have never suffered these problems in previous pregnancies. Disclaimer over, back to my symptoms. I have difficulty bending down, I get a lot of “deep” hip pain, which I can control with the use of a hot water bottle. My midwife advised I try not to over stretch the muscles, as sometimes the body produces too much of a hormone that naturally starts to relax your muscles, ligaments etc in preparation for child birth, stretching can aggravate the problem. Other problems, are stiff hips, if I sit for too long I struggle to walk after. I had a day not long ago where we tried to go for a walk with the kids, however it ended up being a “baby steps” walk, as I literally couldn’t move. I also find if I try turn over in the bed, I get horrible pains!.. The hip clicking, I’ll say one thing, it’s enough to make my partner shudder when they crack it’s that loud. Need I say more?! Oh, and of course to add to this I’m sure I have sciatica again, I get a shooting pain down my lower back, into my hip down my right leg fairly frequently but thankfully that seems to be settling.

A way I’ve been relieving my hip pain recently, is wearing my wrap. My sister in laws all got me my first Oscha wrap for Christmas. I’ve been sat looking at it since, and then my baby wearing pro of a SIL told me you can wrap a bump! I tell you now it has made a huge difference! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Heartburn, is also back with a vengeance, if you’ve suffered it in pregnancy then I don’t think I need to say much more on the matter. Other than the fact I feel like I’m popping rennies like they are smarties.

What can I say, I’ve had two other babies, pregnancy isn’t always easy, and it certainly doesn’t always give you beautiful glowing skin and full of energy sometimes it can be the complete opposite. However growing a human is one of the most amazing feelings, and I consider myself rather blessed to be able to do it.

You’ve got to face the good, the bad and the ugly with growing a small human inside you for 9 months!


I’ve still had no concerns at all over the babies movements and activity, it doesn’t seem to matter if I have a day doing very little or a very active day he’s always moving. Although I definitely have to have “lazy days” now as my braxton hicks can be quite strong at times. I’ll talk about those later on!


Baby Names!?

We are finally getting closer and closer towards having the little mans name, we have a definite option we just want another just in case he’s born and looks nothing like the name we chose! Anyone else do this? We definitely have his second name, which is a family name in honor of his late great grandma that he sadly won’t have the joy of meeting. (In this life anyway, she will no doubt be around us in spirit – this is at least what I believe. your beliefs may be different. Each to their own.)

Braxton Hicks.

As I mentioned before I’m getting them fairly regularly, not too often that I’m worried about early labour. I know my body, and I’ve always had fairly regular braxton hick contractions. If you don’t know what they are, braxton hick contractions are practice contractions. Your bodies way of preparing for the labour. They aren’t too uncomfortable, but I know to put my feet up for the afternoon if I do get them!

Weight gain!??!

This is actually something that’s bothering me, and for many different reasons than your probably thinking. Why do people count their weight gain?! I mean, obviously if you notice your weight is going up a lot then you need to see a midwife or GP, but what’s wrong with letting your body do what it needs in order to grow a healthy baby? You are meant to gain some weight during pregnancy its natural. Theirs no such thing as “eating for two”. If your hungry eat something, or more importantly make sure your drinking the right amount of fluids! As being hungry can be a sign your body is thirsty. Ladies lets stop worrying about silly numbers and just be pleased we are carrying little human beings, little people! I know their are hundreds of women out their that would do anything for the same chance.

I’m going to end this blog here, as I don’t think I have much more to share! I have another appointment with my midwife at 34 weeks, and then I have a consultant appointment at 36 weeks so I will be sure to let you all know how it all goes.

How is you pregnancy going? Share your stories in the comments.

Lady Sara xo 


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