Dear moms, your doing a great job.


So today’s post is a bit different, I’m so tired of all the things I see on social media criticizing  moms, it’s not even just social media, it’s everywhere, it’s us. The other mothers, women, human beings, men too. It is in our nature, but what is wrong with us all? We beat up a mom if she feeds with a bottle, we curse and humiliate a mom if she breastfeeds in the middle of a restaurant while you enjoy your undisturbed lunch, and she struggles one handed to feed herself, a partially hot meal. We throw judgement if a mom pushes a stroller, rather than wearing that baby like it’s the latest fashion accessory. Then we scowl at mom’s for their choice of baby carrying device! You had a C-Section, that doesn’t count as birthing a baby, because you didn’t actually push it from your vagina! Yes, I just used the word vagina.

We need to support one another, what about telling that mom, I love your stroller. Or hey your baby dropped it’s dummy. Or maybe the simple words, your doing a great job would give that other women the motivation to cope with 1 hour sleep or the teething baby that won’t stop screaming. We have to stop the constant criticizing, don’t we judge ourselves, and put ourselves down enough without having other people add to the list? For example; I’m annoyed at myself today because it’s 3.30pm. Tyler is due home from school any minute. William has been ill, and clingy all day. I had planned to bake some cookies, ginger bread men or maybe some scrumptious mince pies, but I haven’t because William has needed me to soothe him, get him juice, snacks, put Paw Patrol on, clean up after him….. (the list goes on!) So I feel like the laziest person alive right now! About all I’ll accomplish tonight is to cook my family a good dinner. But do you know what, that’s OK.

We should be lifting each other up, helping each other, fighting in each others corner.

One thing that so many women are unnecessarily brutal over is how we feed our babies! Constantly verbally bashing, beating each other up, judging someone for their choices. Do those choices affect you? No they don’t. Do they affect your child? No they don’t. Is it any of your business? To be quite frank no it’s not!


You don’t know why they chose to formula feed, you don’t know if they even tried to breastfeed, what’s important is that baby is fed?! How many kids in this world go hungry? And your worrying about the fact a women brought her powdered milk instead of serving their baby with ready to go milk from her breast?

Do we forget no matter what method we use to feed our babies that it’s damn hard work?

Breast feeding we face challenges like cluster feeds, thinking you can finally go shower and then the baby wants feeding again. Their is no pattern it’s all on demand! With bottle feeding you actually have to leave your bed, go down to your kitchen function a microwave count out the scoops and then if the bottle is too warm, cool it while you soothe your baby. Breast feeding you leave the door not fearing you’ve left with not enough bottles in your bag, and did you remember the powdered milk?!

I plan to share my feeding experiences in the future before baby number 3 arrives, I have shared my experiences before on my you-tube channel, however I don’t think I’ve ever really sat and written about each experience. Seeing so much hate towards one another has really made me think that I have to share my experience, it’s nothing special or unique I imagine but with the amount of judgement passed by each of us, I hope that even one women reading it will feel a little bit better about her choices. Look out for those in the future.

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