27 Week update ¦Pregnancy Number 3¦

Hello lovelies, It’s been a little crazy again recently but I finally have an update to share.


So firstly I saw my midwife at 25 weeks, for a general check and to talk through whether I am still considered a high risk patient, and book a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) and Anti D Injection due to my blood type.

Why am I high risk, many may be wondering. Well fear not I pondered the same question in my head even during my appointment with the consultant. But due to some issues that may be TMI for many of you I shall spare you the details and simply say that I am no longer high risk, and can hopefully birth at my local midwife led unit, However I do still have to see my consultant at 32 weeks to confirm my IBS has not given me trouble along with the TMI issue. Sorry to be quite so vague. It took a lot of debating with my midwife and back and forth with the consultant for them to reach the decision as initially no body could really see why I should be under a consultant, but never mind procedures are what they are. The important thing is that we are now a low risk patient. I  should mention due to not being a high risk patient I wont be having another scan at 28 weeks, as realistically I don’t need one unless baby starts measuring big or small.



I’m not at all concerned about his movements, they are regular and strong, and get more and more by the day! He has times when I can expect him to move, and I know some basic things I can do if I am worried, for example if I lie on my back (not flat as obviously the further pregnant you are it isn’t recommended due to the weight on your spine) or left hand side it gets him moving.

Braxton hicks are still their and I imagine they will be with me until the very end now, and will no doubt get stronger. Sometimes, they make me pause, not because they hurt but purely because they make my stomach so tight!!


Ugh do I have to answer this? I pee a couple of times a night — I know I know, all natures way of preparing me for the sleepless nights to come. I had also started enjoying staying up till 10pm with the hubby enjoying some TV together or just sitting and talking, however by 9pm I’m out!! So I’m fighting tiredness again. Which I will mention with my midwife next week as I have had low iron before, when pregnant with both William and Tyler. Although if possible I’d like to avoid iron tablets, they just end up constipating you which is the last thing I need!! (sorry if TMI – but motherhood and pregnancy isn’t always sunshine and lolly pops)

Anything new?

Recently for roughly two weeks now, I’ve been struggling with hip discomfort, stiffness and general limping!! I thought I had a trapped nerve again which I got with William, however, Their is a general aching in my hips that seems fairly constant, standing doesn’t help and either does sitting down, at times it’s as if my right hip becomes too stiff to move, both of them tend to click a bit more than usual! So I’m mentioning it to my midwife when I see her, as if I do sit down for the evening I find for around 10 minutes after I end up limping around on one leg, as the other sends a shooting pain down my leg! Any one else experienced something similar??? I’m putting it down to this being baby number 3 and my body relaxing a bit more in preparation for the birth.



Have to say it I think we have got a name in mind for our little man, however I always always like to have a second for just in case. He could be born and look like a bob for all I know! I feel you have to meet your baby before you start naming them! But that’s just my preference.

Let me know how your getting on with your pregnancy, or if your trying share in the comments. Maybe you’ve had all your babies and can share your own advice! I’d love to hear!!

all the bump pictures range from 24 weeks pregnant up too 26 weeks! Certainly makes himself known now!

Sara xo




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