Clinique 7 Day Scrub Review

This product is my all time must have/essential winter skin care exfoliate.

I have used this product for almost 3 years now, it is my holy grail product when it comes to my exfoliator. I can even use it at Summer too, if my skin gets too dry!


Like the packaging states “7 day scrub” I wouldn’t take this too literally, as it is recommended you only exfoliate once or twice a week. However I have used this daily in the past even with my dry skin and have seen great results because of it.

Now I tend to exfoliate every other day. This product is just amazing. It isn’t too expensive at £18.50 for 100ml but I would say its a high end product.

The product is quite creamy, which makes it a little less harsh on the face, however it is full with tiny little beads! Which don’t feel rough or too vigorous on the face. It is by far one of my most repurchased products. I am a terrible, terrible creature of habit, so struggle to leave behind the things I know work for my skin. Do you have any recommendations for a good facial scrub? I used to use one by Burts Bees, but I fear it has been discontinued as I can’t find it anywhere, or it may have been repackaged! Let me know in the comments guys!!


Sara xo


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