Picking your Battles.

As a mom of two boys, with two very different personalities their is one thing I have learnt as they get older, picking the battles I fight. I quite literally mean battles, anyone with a two year old…. or any age for that matter would agree (If not then they are lying) that their is always some kind of battle, whether it be the fact you put the juice in the wrong cup, or they don’t want to eat their vegetables, to the more severe things like fighting with their siblings. It’s always something. It’s what gives us stay at home moms the drama to our days!.. 


I really did have to learn this the hard way, with many many tantrums from my eldest when he was younger. Trying to pick up on every little thing. Especially eating his fruit and vegetables, or drinking plenty of water, controlling how many sugary sweets and treats he ate. Of course now with two of them and a third on the way, it’s all about compromise and essentially turning a blind eye, or simply breathing — the kind you learn when your in real labor to keep yourself sane? 


One thing I’ve learnt to stop fussing about is the kids 5 a day intake — warning to those probably screaming blasphemy and cursing me as an awful parent… give me a chance?! My boys eat more than just 5 of their 5 a day nearly everyday, especially William who just loves fruit! I’ve decided to not stress myself out so much if they don’t finish every pea on their plate. Not only did I notice is started having the opposite effect on my eldest constantly telling him to eat his greens, but why worry? He eats fruit and veg at school and as a snack after school. By also making it less of a big deal, and saying how yummy peas are and that Dinosaurs (Tyler our eldest loves Dinosaurs) love broccoli he soon started thinking everything taste great! Stop stressing!! Not eating their greens wont stop them growing for a week I assure you!

With sugar treats, chocolates, and puddings we now stick to a strict after dinner before bed. They will possibly have something on weekends for good behavior, everyone deserves a special treat every now and then!!

Remember the lesson here, is pick your fights, make your life just that little easier every now and then. Don’t be so hard on yourself either, tantrums are part of kids growing up, learning to express themself, and of course testing boundaries and your temper! Just remember that it passes. Just don’t let them walk all over you, and make sure if you have a rule or something you have a firm standing on that you don’t budge!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how we “discipline” our kids and some of the things we really stand firm and stick to our guns!

Have you ever had to face that it’s not worth the battle?! Leave a comment below and share the story.

Sara xo

All opinions are my own, some people may not agree with them, but we don’t all have to have the same opinions or way we parent our kids.  


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