Garnier Oil infused cleansing water

I’ve become quite a fan, and highly dependent on using a micellar water as part of my skincare routine. I loved the original Micellar water that Garnier had brought out (pink lid) so I was quite excited when I saw they had brought out one for dry & sensitive skin, infused with oil.


When using the product you need to shake it up to mix the Oil and Micellar water together, and then pour onto a cotton pad, being quick as the oil separates fairly quickly. It’s rather mesmerizing to watch, like one of those kiddie cups you shake up that has glitter in and then it all sinks back to the bottom…. I’m not the only one who loved those right?

It really does do a great job of removing makeup, I’ve used this before a good cleanse and then also tried for after when stubborn eyeliner won’t budge. Or if i’ve been terribly naughty and just couldn’t be bothered to remove my makeup with a double cleanse!

I do have to say occasionally I have noticed a slight residue left on the skin, which is either perhaps when the oil hasn’t been shaken up well enough with the Micellar water. So I do tend to follow up with a toner after using this product.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this product, it’s great for a quick wipe over the face for those mornings that I have to get the kids ready for school, and I love it for after a good cleanse to make sure their are no remnants of makeup left behind before I tone and moisturize my skin. As well as that the price is amazing, a true budget beauty item, at only £5.99 (currently £3.99 on offer) in Superdrug whats not to love?

Have you tried the Garnier Micellar Water before, or do you have another brand that you love? Leave a comment below!

Sara xo


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