20-22 Weeks Pregnant ¦Second Trimester¦

So if you follow me on other social media platforms like Instagram you will already know that we found out the gender of baby number 3! If not then keep reading to find out… First before I tell you, comment below and tell me what your guess was!


So baby number 3 is a BOY….I know, I know a third boy!! Our house is going to be full of crazy adventures, loud screams, and little boys getting up too no good half the time!! .. Oh and mud pies who could forget mud pies?!


Telling our families. 

We were both far far too excited too keep it a secret. We had originally planned to do a little surprise around William’s birthday parties, that he was having the weekend following our scan, but excitement got the better of us and we just called everybody! Of course everybody is thrilled, a healthy bouncing (literally bouncing the poor sonographer had her work cut out for her) baby boy.

Although lots had hoped for a baby girl, even I had thought that it may be a girl purely to how different my pregnancy had been so far!! Another reason we thought the odds may be in our favor is because between both halves of the family we now total 7 boys!!!!! My sister in law has three beautiful boys the youngest being not quite 6 months…(heart melting thinking of his gorgeous blue eyes) My brother has a little boy, with gorgeous auburn locks that I envy.. my hair used to be as red — 25 years ago. With our 2 and a bit still cooking that’ll make 7! I can say the reactions were all very very similar…. a loud oooooh no!!! met with then screams of excitement. So that made us giggle even more.

That’s the “exciting part of the blog post out of the way for you all”



skipping merrily back to the scan at 20 weeks, we definitely have no problems at all with baby moving and making himself known! The poor sonographer had started happily with her usual routine and order of checks however quickly realized baby was not about to sit wonderfully like most of well behaved babies! For our dating scan I had told her the lady just had to take photo after photo after photo and perform the checks with what she had. Richard again as we had our youngest had to wait in the waiting room, while we had waited together women seemed to be in and out within a good 10-15 minutes…. Richard however had to wait a whole hour and a bit before she was happy to say baby was all OK and healthy. Heavens only knows what he was thinking! She had asked if I wanted to know babies sex, and obviously had said yes, but to wait until my partner was in the room with me to hear the news. We of course burst out laughing saying we new it!


Richard struggles to feel baby at times due to where my placenta is, however we have now seen baby bump moving!!! Yes actually moving and kicking, which shocked both of us this was around 21 weeks. I was so so excited and now he moves all the time!!


hmm yeah, that restless leg thing I mentioned in my previous update, its back, not as bad but I tend to feel twitchy and unable to sit still some nights again which is a tad annoying! But sleep hasn’t been too bad, I have been feeling more tired again which again is also a little irritating as by time my partner and I have the kids in bed, eaten our dinner if we have decided to eat later than the kids, and maybe tried to sit and watch a film I’m normally out for the count by 8.30pm… Even more so with the clocks going back.


Sugar… sugar and more sugar. I try to watch how much sugar I’m consuming as Diabetes is in the family, and I usually have to have the wonderful GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) to check haven’t got gestational diabetes, with my weight and the fact I’m fit and healthy I’m not high risk however, we should all watch our sugar intake. So to help I’ve found eating granny smith green apples really really helps curb the sugar cravings! Pickles are still a craving I get every now and then too.

Best part?

Finding out its a boy, telling family, telling Tyler his reaction was amazing! He was at school so we told him when he was home. We asked what he wanted a brother or a sister… His response a brother… so when we told him his little face was glowing with excitement. We now just need to think of a name. Also seeing baby bean moving was amazing!

Extra news this week?

I’ve had to see a consultant as at the moment due to a few issues I had last year. I’m considered a high risk patient. Heavens only knows why!! Especially when I birthed both the boys naturally in midwife led units before this. The consultant I had seen in the nearby larger hospital didn’t really have any concerns, and didn’t see why I couldn’t choose homebirth or birthing in my local midwife led unit to have a water birth again. However I have to have another scan at 28 weeks to check size of baby and then see them at 36 weeks to finalise where I will get to birth…Does anybody else think that’s a long time to wait to know where I can have my baby?? I’m seeing my midwife in a few weeks so will ask her what we can do, as it’s left me rather frustrated about not knowing where baby will be born. Has anybody else had to deal with this??

Hope you enjoyed the update lovelies. See you all in another post soon!

Sara xo


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