Bee Good ¦New purchases¦

I found this wonderful company when my lovely blogging friend Rebecca, from rougepout beauty mentioned them a few months ago now. So I took a look at their website and feel in love with more than just the products, but the company themselves have such a great purpose.

Before I actually use the products I wanted to do an “unboxing” for you all and show how beautifully packaged it all was. I always think the presentation of a delivery is just as important as the product your receiving it says a lot about the company, and how they wish to represent themselves.


Initially the box looks a little boring, and perhaps in time they could add their logo to the outside, as well as the inside.

(I’ll just note the flowers I got for my birthday sadly they did not arrive with the beauty products)


Opening up the box and I found everything beautifully wrapped in yellow tissue paper, and buzzing bees all over the top which like I said is a shame they haven’t added something to the outside of the box. Another cute detail I found was the tiny little bumble bee sticker holding everything shut.

So what did I order?…


Before I even mention the products, I got so excited over these chocolates, they added chocolates with little bumble bees all over them! How cute are they!!! Such a wonderful touch too a parcel. Absolutely delighted, what else does a women want with her feel good products?? They hit the nail on the head here!

So anyway, what did I order? The first item out of the two was the Honey and Camelina facial exfoliator. At £10.50 I can’t wait to try and see if I’ve found a beauty gem!


The second thing I ordered is the Honey and propolis 2 in 1 cream cleanser. Now one thing again I liked about the options on the website to buy this is that it comes in a “try me/travel” size option or a larger size. I went for the 30ml travel size version which only cost £4.50 which I think is a great way of letting people try something before fully committing to a full size product and disliking it. Even if the 100ml full size version is only £11.50, however to some people that’s still more of a mid range product rather than budget. You also have the option if you really do love this product to buy two of the 100ml in a duo pack. This is priced at £19.50. Along with my mini size I also got a very tiny muslin cloth, which I’m sure will still get used despite the size.


One of the major things I love about this company, other than the fact they gave me chocolate, and they use British bees. With every order they give out a small pouch of seeds, which are for those of us that wish to save the deceasing bee population, to plant in our gardens. Being a parent, constantly teaching my boys about the importance of even the tiniest creature this really excited me! It’s something I can get the kids involved in.

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Sara xo


4 thoughts on “Bee Good ¦New purchases¦

  1. Thanks for such a lovely review! We really appreciate that you’ve clearly taken time and thought to write this.

    Just to let you know that when I first designed the packaging, I deliberately left the outside of the box blank so that our customers would be more surprised and delighted when they opened the box and saw the bees inside rather than providing any clues beforehand.

    Glad you also like the chocolate bee drops and seed-ball packet – they are a little thank you to our customers and hopefully they will plant the seeds and think of us when they eventually flower….


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Simon. So pleased you enjoyed my thoughts on my recent purchases.
      Well I certainly was delighted by the inside of the box.
      Looking forward to planting our seeds in the new year!


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