Pumpkin Carving with the boys.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween, we certainly did in our household, carving pumpkins. We haven’t taken the kids trick or treating, as I’m not sure it’s a “tradition” we are going to be indulging the boys with. Purely because Halloween/Samhain has a much more important message and tradition than just candy and scary costumes.

I’ll save my little speech on the true traditions of Halloween for another blog post. Right now let me share with you some pictures of the boys carving their pumpkins!



please keep knives out of reach of children, and always supervise your kids. 


Were the messy fun begins!

I actually found that the “guts” of the pumpkins are great way of doing some sensory and imaginative play, yes it can be messy letting them big around and squish it in their little hands but to little ones it’s all new and amazing! William also ended up pretending he was brewing up some soup!




Time for some soup!


Snack time, William wanted to try some of the pumpkin! You can’t have food in front of you and not eat it!!



Tyler was so pleased with his pumpkin, he had help carving but he told us how he wanted it too look, the eyebrows were added in last minute, Tyler said it needed eyebrows!!


We hope you all had a great half term. See you in the next post.

Sara xo


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