Second Trimester. Pregnancy weeks 14-19

Welcome back guys, I thought it was time we move onto my second trimester, which I am well and truly in now.

Everything is a little boring up until week 16 really. With my morning sickness finally stopping around week 14 thank goodness!! Now I know what every other mother to be has feels like when its finally stopped. I know for a fact I also got off very very light in terms of the morning sickness, as I was never actually sick, nearly but not quite!


jumping ahead to week 16… I’ve started to feel the baby move!! Yes, I know its early, but being my third pregnancy I have an idea of what things are meant to be like, and it’s definitely baby!


Sleeping patterns have at least improved! I’m not waking quite as much any more and I’m not longer suffered restless legs!! woohooo

Maternity Clothes?

I think i’ve already stated this before, but I have been in Maternity clothes since about week 8… hair bobble trick was used before that for a couple of weeks.


So many! Pickled onions are still a favorite, anything sweet is also on the top of the list. Shockingly that also involves fizzy drinks. I don’t usually drink fizzy drinks but at the moment its all I seem to want. Along with lots of water, I seem to always be thirsty!

Best Part?

Richard felt the baby moving around week 19 which was such an amazing moment, oddly enough William our second boy has been struggling with his sleep again recently – sucks as he was doing great. But we’ve narrowed it down to him missing his brother Tyler, who started full time school in September. So at 5am in the morning after being awake together for an hour with William, we lay in bed, I could feel baby was kicking so I placed Richards hand on the growing bump, and their it was the best kick yet! We both instantly woke up and just smiled with joy!

Look out for week 20 and if you haven’t seen already on Instagram or Twitter i’ll be sharing what the gender of our baby is!!

Sara xo



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