Clinique take the day off Cleansing Balm

I wanted to try something new, and most importantly different from all the regular cleansing milks that I normally use for washing away the days makeup. While searching online and talking to a fellow beauty blogger I decided to go wild (not quite wild but being a creature of habit I find trying something new quite exciting and a little thrilling … I have a boring life don’t I?) and I went ahead and bought the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.


If you are new to cleansing balms they are an oil based product — remaining solid at room temperature. You can then warm the product slightly between your fingers and apply to the skin, massaging it gently (I prefer circular motions as I feel this really works the product into the pours) Then simply remove the product with a warm muslin cloth or a flannel. The products are amazing at removing makeup, even stubborn mascara! no more morning panda eyes. 

I believe most or all cleansing balms are aimed at all skin types… even oily. I know what your thinking right now oil based product on your oily skin .. crazy right?

I’ve been using the Clinique Cleansing Balm for quite a while now (not just this one) and I can say I am a convert!! Nothing has ever removed makeup like this balm does. My skin feels so clean and fresh, I tend to (if I’m feeling good) use the balm twice, once to remove my makeup and a second time to make sure all the eye makeup and foundation etc is definitely removed! Leaving my skin feeling clean, fresh and even slightly exfoliated especially if using a flannel to remove the makeup.

I went for the Clinique one as I thought the price was very reasonable and I have used Clinique products before and never able to fault them. The price of the product is £22.00 which is on the high end side of things, but for such a great cleanser the cashier can have my bank card!! I can’t recommend this product enough to add into your beauty regime, especially for the evenings.


Please comment below if you have any recommendations for cleansing balms you may have tried please let me know. Head across to my youtube channel to see my review and demo video using this product!


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