Collection Highlighter & Contour duo ¦Review¦

Today’s review is a drugstore find I’m glad I tried! I’m certainly growing to love the Collection brand more and more as time goes on, It is truly amazing quality (from what I have tried so far) and at great prices. Even  better, Collection regularly have some kind of promotion going on.


So what do I bring to you today from a little blog written in the moutains of Wales? I heard about this product some months ago, and I managed to get my hands on it (watch my beauty haul herethe Collection Highlighter and contour kit.

I guess it’s best to start with the appearance of the product, so lets get into it. The packaging of the product is just a standard plastic black. It’s not too bulky, but not too thin that you’ll worry about their not being a lot of product. For the small price (£4.19 from Boots currently)  you pay it definitely houses enough product! I actually think the palette is fairly similar in appearance to the Sleek contour palette – which i am yet to try.


We shall start with the highlighter in the duo, it is a pretty pinky/champagne creamy shimmer. It isn’t overly pigmented but enough to show a slight highlight too the cheek for daytime, it sits especially well on my fair skin tone. Both the products in the pan are as I said before incredibly velvety and creamy when swatched using fingers to place the product onto the skin, making them very easy to blend.


The contour, is also very nice. Tread on the side of caution though with paler skintones as it can go a little orange if applied with a heavy hand. I’m ever hopeful that Collection will add more shades to the contour kit range. As I feel for someone of a darker skin complexion they would struggle to see the benefits of this contour shade.


On the back of the packing is a picture to show how to use the products, where to place them etc. Which I think makes the product incredibly beginner friendly. For people who are new to makeup or have it stockpiled as though the apocolypse is doomed to happen this palette is amazing, I would certainly repurchase it. It’s definitely made itself at home in my makeup draws, and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the palette? Have you tried it? Have you got some other budget buys you want to scream from the roof tops about? Let me know in the comments below.

Sara xoxo






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