Makeup Revolution; Fortune favours the brave


I caved and I brought this absolutely beautiful palette. Makeup revolution joined forces with Jane, (British beauty blogger) they totally and utterly hit the nail on the head with this, did I already say said it…. absolutely beautiful and gorgeous palette!


The palette is gold with a emblem one the front, giving it a kind of fancy feel! Another thing I like about this  palette is it’s so slim. Which makes it fantastic for travelling. Also the mirror inside is the same size as the case, so once again like the other Makeup revolution palette I recently reviewed it is huge!!


The inside of the palette is breathe taking. Their is a mixture of shimmer and mattes. The selection of colours is quite diverse too. nudes to deep navy’s and purples.The brush is ok, not great, but much better than the sponge applicators most palettes include in any eye shadow palette. The brush would be useable for the crease, or being used to apply a small amount of deeper more dramatic colour to the outer corner of the eye.

I will say before we go onto the swatches that some of the eye shadows are a little disappointing in the pictures,  However in “real life” they do look a little more pigmented rather than looking like they aren’t there at all… my pale skin doesn’t help!! The shadows I am referring too are: Glimmer, Peachy, Smoothie, Pink Diamond – however this one is more of a coarse texture (in my opinion) so it would be better packed onto a brush and patted on to the lid rather than “rubbed”. Latte although I think this may be more to do with my skin tone. For lids I imagine it to be the perfect base. Soft and New world.





Those are all the swatches what do you guys think?

I actually really like this palette, even if I feel some of the shadows could be a lot more pigmented, the fact that most of them have amazing colour pay off is enough for my heart to skip a beat, and lets face it at £9.99 for 30 … yes 30 eye shadows. Not forgetting the diversity in colours, tones and shades. Jane really got it right when she said she wanted a palette that anyone could wear!

Have you tried this palette? What are you thoughts? Comment down below sharing your favourite Make up revolution product… if you can choose one!

Sara xo



4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution; Fortune favours the brave

  1. I genuinely think this palette is brilliant. You get so much just for £10! I bought the Maybelline Nudes and Blushed Nudes for £10 each and never even got a mirror in those. Makeup Revolution just have the perfect palettes!

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