Blue Orchid Facial Oil ¦Clarins¦

My 25th birthday and a log burner roaring away for what seems like forever since last Summer left us, I too got left with horribly dehydrated, tight and dull looking skin. Just what I was looking forward too while hitting my mid twenties.

However with that in mind I met this mini skin care meltdown with this little beauty by my side. The Clarins blue orchid facial oil. I’ve never really dabbled in oils until I got this, I have tried the Clarins hydra quench serum many moons back, but I’ve never really seen them as something essential and i’ll admin it took a little while for me to warm up to using them, I’m afraid your hooked.

231482759.jpg image supplied from google images

The one downside to the oil I found, was it didn’t have a pretty scent like my brain had told me it would be – blue orchid seemed to tell my mind, the fragrance of beautiful blooming wild flowers.  

Although rather expensive at £32.00 ( April 2016), I can happily say a bottle does last quite a while. I’d had mine for months before it finally ended, it was like the mary poppin’s bag that never ends! It comes with a dropper, for easy application and saves wasting product.

I did like this oil and I would probably repurchase it. However with no real comparison to make with never using them before, I shall have to let you know if it’s one of the best oils to have ever woo’d my skin.

On that note, I shall be trying some drugstore, purse friendly oils very soon. Lets see which one rocked my socks when I’ve have enough time to test it out.


What facial oils have you tried? Please comment below with some recommendations i’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sara xo

disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional, I have studied NVQ level 2 in Beauty therapy. However all opinions are my own. All products are purchased by myself or are otherwise stated. I can not be held accountable for any reactions etc you may have from trying these products. Benefits from trying the products may vary as no ones skin is exactly the same. What works for my skin, may not work for your skintype. Thank you 




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