Simple Skincare Cleansing Lotion

Following on from my previous Simple skincare review of the Micellar Water Wipes, today under the microscope is their cleansing lotion.


I actually really liked this product. It felt really refreshing on my skin. Before going into my review here is what simple say about this product online;

“Our Purifying Cleansing Lotion is a perfect blend of ingredients to gently cleanse drier skin to help keep it smooth and softened. Perfect for even sensitive skin.”

I must admit for a cleansing lotion I didnt have high expectations as to how fresh and clean my skin would feel after using this products, I brought this purely to use as an AM cleanse. However I couldn’t truly put this product to the test without putting on a face full of makeup, and then removing it. I can say I was pleasantly surprised! My skin was left feeling incredibly fresh, cleansed, refreshed and incredibly smooth. It didn’t irritate my skin however I will say I did notice a slight stinging on my lash line.

I really did love how soft my skin felt after, the product does leave a slight oily residue to the skin after using it, so I used Simple’s Micellar water just to remove the excess oil.

Over all it’s probably a product I would purchase again, I certainly was surprised by how much I like this cleansing lotion. I also must note that I even used this as a “moisture mask” by leaving it on for about 5 minutes before removing, I wouldn’t say it hydrated but it certainly help make my skin feel much cleaner. When removing makeup, especially when I have a high coverage foundation on I made sure to double cleanse.

Have you tried this product before? Comment your thoughts below.

Sara xo



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