Simple Micellar water wipes

Going straight into our review for today. I said I would and I am indeed reviewing the Micellar water wipes by Simple Skincare.

micellar water wipes ed

When the whole Micellar water product first came out I was very on the fence, what could be so good?! Then I tried out a few different ones,  I was completely converted and have since had some in my skincare regime somewhere! As a busy mom of two it’s kind of a live saver, holy grail product I can’t live without these days.

Lets just say it was love at the first makeup removal! It’s affordable, quick and easy. No more spending ages removing that stubborn winged liner or mascara. So naturally when Simple brought out these wipes, I lusted after them instantly. Although I have never really liked wipes at all! That said with the thought of Micellar water wipes, I just had to try them out!

Simples micellar water wipes are as they say wipes soaked in micellar water. As I mentioned before I’ve never been overly keen on wipes, however I am opening my mind to try things out now my skin is different.

For me these wipes would be the great addition to some one who travels a lot, or has very very little time, even for micellar water and a cotton round. However these wipes just weren’t for me.I’ve used the whole packet and I even banne
d myself from using Simples actual micellar water to make sure I was giving them a fair verdict.

For me personally they left my skin feeling dry, and tight. I do have very dehydrated, dry skin. So I was hoping for them to leave my skin feeling a little bit more re-hydrated after using them to remove makeup or even just freshen up my face in the mornings.

But as I said before I just don’t think they are for me at all, like any face wipe that I have used they left my cheek bone/under eye area feeling slightly sore, red and irritated. I’d definitely say if you travel, or are on the go a lot then they are something I would saw are worth having in your handbag. Especially when they are so affordable, being only 3.99 you can’t really go wrong!


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