Garnier, Beauty Blogger Box

Happy Friday my lovelies. Today’s blog is a exciting box of goodies I got for entering a competition with Garnier, the Ultimate blends collection. Not expecting to win of course, but I did!

So a package arrived, and I was over joyed with the contents, and the way it was all packaged was wonderful, the extra little goodies they threw into the box I was not expecting at all. I simply thought I’d receive three products from the collection, and done. But I was totally wrong, So I took photos and here’s what arrived, at a red front door of a house in the middle of the Welsh mountains.

edit 3

What wonders lurk within this exclusive beauty blogger pack you ask?

Under a layer of gold tissue paper, I found a piece of paper, to the competition winner,just a short message, and what you can do if you wish to potentially have your photo or short instagram video featured on their website. I also came across this little speech bubble.. written with the words “hello gorgeous” — instantly love it!!! I’m now feeling fabulous, even if I am rocking my “mom bun” .

edit 4.jpg

What else could be found in the box, well among all the other pretty things you can see in the below photo, are the actual competition winning items! The Garnier Ultimate Blends collection, fit to match your hair type!!

The other goodies are a phone camera tripod, a gorgeous ring dish with the words, absolutely fabulous on it. Some beautiful little lights and a candle!

edit 5.jpg

The products I received from the collection, The weightless nourisher. Mythic Oliver. Virgin olive oil and safflower seed oil.

For dried out hair. Nourishes without weighing hair down.

They sent me the Shampoo, Conditioner and the nourishing balm. Which is basically a hair mask. I have started these products as of today, the 28th of March 2016. So by time this blog post is live I will have been using them little over a week! Lets see how nourished my hair feels after using them all for a while!

check out my video on youtube


Sara xo


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